CREATURE CAST RUBBER has, in my opinion, proven to have a number of advantages over traditional natural latex. It glues and paints much more easily and adheres to itself extremely well. I’ve switched from using latex completely to using CREATURE CAST RUBBER.
— Chris Walas - Oscar Winning Creature Maker (The Fly, Gremlins)
We use CREATURE CAST RUBBER at Thingergy and really LOVE the product. It is incredibly versatile and user friendly and helps us avoid the crazy smelly toxic stuff. Sand it, Dremel it, patch it, add texture to it, use it to seal foam, the list goes on and on and we are discovering new uses all the time. Having the convenience of painting Creature Cast with acrylic is a big advantage, as opposed to having to use solvent based paints.
— Frank Ippolito/Thingergy INC
This stuff has opened up so many possibilities for costume and prop pieces for me. It has a fast learning curve, is cost effective and can be easily drilled/glued/riveted. I am really happy to have been introduced to CREATURE CAST RUBBER!
— Melita Curphy - Miss Monster
CREATURE CAST RUBBER was a lifesaver. I needed a mask ASAP for an actor with a latex allergy. Mark was on the ball getting me the product and going the extra mile with technical support. The finished mask is just as flexible and stronger than the natural latex equivalent. Truly a great product!
— Neil Goldsmith - Latex Mask Central
When creating, I always look for intelligent products that take my creations to the next level. Creature Cast Rubber is my go to when I need that industry professional touch
— Deon / Kaeno ///Creator for Adidas