Creature Cast Rubber is a proprietary blend of industrial liquid Neoprene made especially for casting and/or coating special effects props, masks, costumes and accessories.  Safe to use, extremely durable and incredibly versatile, Creature Cast Rubber is opening artists and fabricators to a new world of creative possibilities.

    The History of Neoprene:  Created in the 1930's by organic chemists Wallace Carothers and Dr. Arnold M. Collins to replace natural latex for industrial and automotive applications, Neoprene's chemical, oil, solvent and heat resistance made it extremely versatile and useful.  During World War II, even though production had soared, the US military claimed all available Neoroprene for the war effort.  By the 1950's, DuPont had purchased a government owned Neoprene factory to keep up with the increasing demand.  Today, after several formulaic improvements and a multitude of useful applications from wetsuit foam to automotive gaskets, over 300,000 tons are produced in the US alone.

    Creature Cast Rubber is:

  • A water-based liquid Neoprene dispersion created especially for the special effects/creative arts industries.

  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and chemically inert.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Water, heat, oil, solvent, oxidization and ozone resistant. (It's burn point is around 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Extremely durable when cured exhibiting high impact, abrasion and compression resistance and tensile strength. (Because of it's tolerance of extreme conditions, neoprene is used to line landfills and create industrial conveyor belts, gaskets and shoe soles.)

  • Maintains flexibility while still holding shape over a wide range of temperature.

  • Readily accepts all paints including acrylic. (Unlike latex, there is no need for solvent based paints or primers.)

  • Sandable, drillable, carvable and can be polished mechanically with a felt wheel or chemically with acetone.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, softening slightly with body heat.

  • Castable into stone molds made from Ultra-cal 30, USG Hydrocal, USG No. 1 Pottery Plaster, or Plaster of Paris with no mold release necessary.

  • Suitable for deep undercuts in stone molds due to it's green state flexibility.

  • Brushable and sprayable onto a variety of surfaces such as paper, foam (L200, EVA, urethane, upholstery), plastics and textiles.

  • Long Lasting. Neoprene resists degradation more than natural or synthetic rubber and has a very low oxidation rate, making it resistant to both indoor and outdoor environments. (Featuring high sun and ozone resistance, neoprene is especially useful for long-term outdoor use.)

  • Suited for long term storage with an indefinite shelf-life as long as it is not exposed to freezing temperatures.

  • Air cured in 1 to 4 days depending on humidity and temperature. Can be force cured quickly with an oven at 200 degrees.

  • Has a relatively low shrinkage rate comparable to natural latex. (Depending on factors such as rigidity chosen, thickness of application and ambient cure temperature, our trials show rates from 5-10%. Contact us for more info on shrinkage).

  • Low odor. No offensive ammonia smell like latex (Though ventilation is recommended in work space).

  • Easily cleaned from skin, spray equipment and surfaces with hot water and soap (Acetone breaks down stubborn residue).

  • Latex free and virtually hypoallergenic. (Much less likely to cause skin reactions than natural latex).

  • Available in 4 flexibilties (Rigid, Semi-rigid, Flexible, and Super-Flex) and 2 colors (Black and Off-White).


  • Available in Alaska and Hawaii by special request only (fees may apply).

  • AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY (Contact us for more info).